Anki Decks

Anki decks are sorted by word frequency, and they follow the order of the appearance of characters and vocabulary on the cheat sheets.

There is one additional field with character’s usages in the whole HSK opus; for the elementary level and character 的, that would look like: HSK1: 的 (de) 别的 (biéde) 真的 (zhēnde) 有的 (yǒude) HSK2: 目的 (mùdì) 的话 (dehuà) HSK3: 有的是 (yǒudeshì). More advanced levels also contain more usages.

Similar-sounding words contain the words with identical syllables but different tones, for example: 知道 (zhīdao) 直到 (zhídào) 指导 (zhǐdǎo).

Besides the pinyin, translation and the corresponding level, the traditional form is also included, as well as stroke order (if you install the font created by Reinaert Albrecht).

Decks for the upcoming HSK exam